Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Poem "The sounds of the soothing spring"

The sounds of the soothing spring sauna are heard along with the sense of touch like the cool breeze washes lover your body like the heat previously did. The simultaneous noises that birds make as they play in the branches of gardens. The budding foliage fights off the last few months of hibernation. Colorful and reveling cloths that cover the joyful women; making hormones rage in ray ban clad boys who watch giggling and with frank eyes wondering. All the sounds of spring, the one that catches my attention the most it its’ silence brought by the warm sun. It could be just that the heat makes you lazy and thus this relaxed feeling is just a calming sensation of indulgence. Not sure… All I know is that summer is in my liking and writing about it gives me pleasure. 

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