Monday, June 13, 2011

Sharing Music

In today's digital age, where information is shared by the terabyte and just by logging into the world wide web one has access to more information than man has ever even dreamed of knowing. News is updated by the second, books are read by screens and music is downloaded. Today people talk about the international “community”. The sharing of ideas, lifestyles as becoming such an innovation. The sharing of culinary ideas: American households find themselves cooking a dinner of pasta, tomato sauce and mozzarella with a dessert of crème brulée. Mean while a traditional Italian family in Italy is frying up the barbeque and throwing the French fries in oven. This exchange of culture has changed our ways of life in fantastic and strange ways. But there is one thing that just hasn't rung a bell yet. Where is the exchange of music?
Walking throught the latin quarters in Paris  one hears the thump of the new era as well as the blasting trumpet of Americas past time all mixed together with the true Paris music of “amour.” If you happened to be in Italy, not only would you hear the latest Italian hits, But also America’s weekly top 40. European youth is largely influenced by artists from the United states. Yet the contradiction is that In America, (certain exceptions, of course) one finds it hard to find such a vast musical culture. You can’t turn on the radio and expect to hear Jovanotti and Christophe Maé. In fact while the music in Europe and all over the world is entering the lives of people and changing their language and the travels of their lives. The American Population is closed inside of their continent, the walls of oceans blocking the culture and music that could make a difference in the way we think, speak, and even party.
In today's digital age it is possible to become musically enriched. We are ignorant to not take advantage of the benefits of foreign music. By stepping out of the box we might, by the terabyte, begin to feel worldlier by Sharing music and the love.

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